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  • Safe and all-natural rice base: no chemicals or preservatives
  • Palatable: natural rice or chicken broth flavor
  • Convenient to use: oral administration as a feed additive or nutritional supplement
  • Economical: comparable to standard solutions

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In companion animals, diarrhea can result from changes in diet, food allergies, drug or medicines, systemic disease, or bacterial, viral, or parasitic infection.

All-natural, rice-based CeraVet is formulated to rapidly replace, in correct proportion and concentration, water and electrolytes lost by animals during illness, exercise, or from heat. CeraVet is ideal for rapidly relieving dehydration in companion animals.

The long-chain carbohydrates in CeraVet's patented rice and electrolyte base provide significant advantages over standard glucose-based animal rehydration approaches, including:

. Accelerated delivery of vital energy, salts, and fluid from digestive tract
. Reduced fluid loss
. Increased water and electrolyte absorption
. Reduces dehydration-related vomiting, diarrhea, and weakness
. Added nutritional benefit from complex carbohydrate-protein base, including Glutamine. For nutritional information, click here.

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Awards & Honors
"CeraVet rebalances after surgery, epileptic seizures, or diarrhea in dogs and's also been helpful with diabetes."
CR, Veterinarian
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