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  • Accelerates transfer of
    active agents through
    the stomach
  • Protects the agent from destruction by stomach
    acid, maintaining the original pH
  • Accelerates intestinal absorption, which
    increases effectiveness

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Recent clinical studies conducted by the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins and the US Navy/Walter Reed Institute of Research (WRAIR) compared use of CeraVacx to commercially available buffers and found that CeraVacx:

• Increases protection of vaccines and drugs from stomach acid
• Accelerates delivery of the vaccine or drug
• Significantly boosts the immune response

The buffer salts in CeraVacx’s base neutralize stomach acid, and the long-chain carbohydrates promote rapid and sustained absorption. Potential applications in human and animal health include:

• Oral vaccines (e.g., cholera, E. Coli, rotavirus, and others)
• Effective delivery of acid-sensitive drugs and peptides
• Development of probiotics and other biologicals
• Improvement of heat stability of vaccines.

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  "This buffer is extremely well-tolerated, and can enhance vaccine
AB, Vaccine Research Specialist
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