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CeraSport & EX1 Electrolyte Hydration Mix
  • Maintains body hydration; improves performance
  • Provides calories; sustains energy; prevents acidosis
  • Prevents electrolyte imbalance abnormalities
  • Prevents cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and similar
    problems associated with many sports drinks

buy Cera Sport Online - Click HereCeraSport - a new generation hydration and performance drink was developed along with physicians from major medical institutions. It restores essential salts and fluids lost in sweat due to exercise, fever or heat stress quickly and effectively, preventing dehydration, without typical cramping and nausea caused by many sugar-based sports drinks.

Sepastian Blanco and Cera Sport

CeraSport comes in four great flavors: Berry, Cherry Berry, Citrus & Fruit Punch.
CeraSport EX1 comes in three great flavors: Orange, Lime & Pomegranate Acai Blueberry. For nutritional information, click here.

What the difference between CeraSport & CeraSport EX-1?

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Awards & Honors
"I smiled, happy that I'd had a few weeks of awesome training in the St George area, happy that I had Cerasport packed on my bike ready to get a jump start on the whole hydration thing right out of the water, happy that I had a solid plan for eating and drinking that had worked for me so many times in the past and above all just thrilled that I was standing there feeling lean and fit and just ready to rock this thing."

Miranda Alldritt, Triathlete,
Talking about the IronMan St George 2011

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