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CeraLyte Rice Based Oral Rehydration Drink

Diarrhea is a common problem for many people; bacteria and viruses are among its many causes. Diarrhea often stops in a day or so, but it can become dangerous if lost fluids are not replaced properly. An oral electrolyte solution, such as CeraLyte, properly replaces fluids.

buy Cera Lyte Online - Click HereRice-based oral electrolyte solutions are effective in reducing volume and duration of diarrhea. CeraLyte provides the minerals and salts needed for replacing fluids lost from diarrhea. Use under medical supervision. CeraLyte packets can be used for adults or children, and can speed up early recovery.

Cera Lyte Diarrhea and dehydration solution

CeraLyte, Potassium Free: We are pleased to announce a new potassium free oral rehydration solution, made as an alternative to only IV hydration for certain groups of patients. These may include kidney transplant, oncology patients, and geriatric patients that need more. Click here to download the fact sheet.

CeraLyte 50is for mild dehydration or for maintaining fluid balance and volume, and is available in packets and ready-to-drink liquid.

CeraLyte 70 is for mild to moderate diarrhea, to prevent and correct dehydration. Ideal for travelers.

CeraLyte 90 is for severe diarrhea and dehydration--where fluid losses are high--such as in cholera or with short bowel or ileostomy.

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